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The School for New Dance is a vocational school approved by NOKUT and is situated in Oslo, Norway. The school is known for its emphasis on the artistic and the individual dancer, as well as its exploratory entrance to dance technique and body work.

The school’s primary goal is to educate dancers who can work as independent, artistic dancers at different venues and within a broad range of contemporary and innovative expressions.

The methods are based on dialectical pedagogy and individual guidance. The school aims to facilitate for the student so that the student can develop depth in his/hers own expression, through practice and reflection.

The student is stimulated to have a critical, open and inquiring attitude to his/her own and others’ artistic choices. The student is followed closely by the teachers, and also works as a mentor for other students.

The student should also have good knowledge of the contemporary dance field, and be able to discuss dance as an art form with other artists and with the public.

The student must be able to identify different contexts that dance can be included in, and get familiar with how the dance field is organized. The student will be able to establish and to run their own business.


The curriculum focuses on raising awareness of the student’s own body, movement potential and initiating creative processes. The student begins to identify and develop his/hers personal movement language. The aim is to build confidence in the students own choices and in relation to others. The student will gain experience and knowledge about other complementary art forms, such as use of voice, music, text, objects and costumes. The student will complete several written assignments related to his/hers own artistic process and perspective, as well as reflections on performances that are included in the curriculum.

The student will work on understanding different age groups and to understand their role as a performer in the meeting with the viewer, in different contexts. The student will complete six different projects in addition to the examination project. The student will also take part in the Oktoberdans festival in Bergen.


The student continues to explore themes from the first year, using the body as an artistic tool and as an expression. The student will work specifically on themes concerning space and composition. The student now has a deeper knowledge about the use of complementary expressions and continues to include these in the artistic processes. In the second year the students also make site-specific works.

The student is challenged to work in constellations with other students, in duets, trios and quartets, and to understand how the ensemble works. The student will create four different stage projects during the second year, in addition to the exam project.

The student will get an insight in pedagogy and teaching strategies, and will be responsible to arrange a three-day workshop for the rest of the students.

The student will work on writing and planning his/her own projects. The student will be responsible for the promotion, sale and implementation of their productions as well as being a performer in and artistic director of his/her own projects.


1. Choreography and Composition

2. Dance and movement

3. Production

4. Theory

This text is a summary of the curriculum. Do you wish to apply or are you seeking more information? Please don’t hesitate to contact us at: post@samtidsdans.no // + 47 918 01 867

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